Who invented the dodge truck?

Answer The first Dodge truck was built by brothers John and Horace Dodge, who got their start designing automobile parts for Henry Ford and other automobile manufacturers. The Dodge brothers produced vehi... Read More »

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Will Dodge truck rims fit a Ford truck?

Yes. As long as the Dodge truck rims have the same lug nut size and bolt pattern as the rim wheel fittings in the Ford truck, the rims will fit to size.References:OK Off Road: Bolt Pattern

How to Clean the IAC in a '93 Dodge Truck?

If you have noticed the engine in your 1993 Dodge pickup truck revving up and down while in park or at idle, chances are your idle air control (IAC ) valve is clogged. If you talk to your local Dod... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Dodge Truck?

The Dodge Truck Division, as of early 2011, is offering four general models. Three of these four fall under the Dodge Ram classification. The models within this include the Dodge Dakota, Ram 1500, ... Read More »

How much can my Dodge truck tow?

It depends on which model Dodge truck you drive. The Dodge Ram 3500 was rated the top towing vehicle by Edmunds, with 16,000 lb. of towing capacity. The Dodge Durango was ranked fourth with 8,950 l... Read More »