Who invented the disposable cell phone?

Answer Randice-Lisa (Randi) Altschul, a toy inventor from New Jersey, invented the disposable cell phone in 1999. It was trademarked as the "Phone-Card-Phone" with a retail price of $20 and 60 minutes of ... Read More »

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What is a disposable cell phone?

A disposable cell phone is a cheap alternative to long-term calling plans through network carriers. The phone is purchased for a low price and comes with a set amount of prepaid minutes that can be... Read More »

When was the 1st cell phone invented?

The cell phone was invented in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper, who made the first call on the phone to a rival scientist. Cell phones were not commercially available until 1984, when the 2-pound DynaTAC... Read More »

Who invented the web cell phone?

The first cell phone with web access was invented by Nokia in 1999. The model, number 7110, featured a wireless web browser designed for a small screen. This browser worked only in a wireless marku... Read More »

Who was the man who invented the first cell phone?

Dr. Martin Cooper who worked as general manager for Motorola is credited with being the inventor of the cell phone. The cell phone was officially invented in April 1973 and the first call Dr. Coope... Read More »