Who invented the digital cell phone?

Answer Radiolinja, a Finnish phone company, launched the first digital (GSM) cellular network in the world in Finland on July 1, 1991. Though no individual is credited with the development of digital mobi... Read More »

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How can I tell if my digital phone and cell phone is tapped?

Tapping a cellphone is difficult as it is a time variant and encrypted signal. Tapping a house phone is much simpler, check the phone junction box outside of your house/apartment (just a warning, i... Read More »

Which cell phone has 8.0MP digital camera?

What is a better camera on a cell phone: digital or vga?

VGA simply refers to the resolution of the digital camera on the phone. But in the end, a VGA camera is a digital camera, the resolution of a VGA camera is 720 by 400 pixels, so a digital camera wi... Read More »

Who was the man who invented the first cell phone?

Dr. Martin Cooper who worked as general manager for Motorola is credited with being the inventor of the cell phone. The cell phone was officially invented in April 1973 and the first call Dr. Coope... Read More »