Who invented the computer processor?

Answer Intel invented the first computer processor in 1971, according to Kitchen Table Computers. Intel's 4004 microprocessor "contained as much processing power as the most powerful computer that existed... Read More »

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How do I find on my computer where it tells whether my computer has a 64 or 32 bit processor?

You need the 64bit version of windows. xp & vista both come in 64bit editions. actually, the software support for 64 isn't quite there yet for most applications. You can also run into a ton of prob... Read More »

Who invented the word processor?

IBM invented the first word processor in 1964. The Magnetic Tape/Selectric Typewriter (MT/ST) was like a typewriter, but stored typed data on magnetic tape instead of paper. In 1973, a company name... Read More »

When was the word processor invented?

The traditional idea of word processing dates back to the Middle Ages and was first seen in action with the first successful typewriter in 1867. The IBM MT/ST (Magnetic Tape/Selectric Typewriter), ... Read More »

Who invented the first celeron processor?

The Celeron processor was introduced by Intel in April 1998. The Celeron processor is not a new processor architecture. Instead, Intel modified their existing, higher performance Pentium line to ... Read More »