Who invented the compound microscopes?

Answer Hans and Zacharias Janssen are credited with inventing the compound microscope in 1590, although their device was much larger than modern microscopes. Robert Hooke later improved the Janssen micros... Read More »

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How do compound microscopes work?

The compound microscope uses two lenses--the ocular lens and objective lens--to create a magnified image of an object. The entire light path is called the optical train and encompasses the light fr... Read More »

Who developed one of the first compound microscopes?

The first compound microscope was developed by the Dutch spectacle maker Zacharias Janssen and his father Hans Janssen in 1595. The microscope they built was an alteration of a telescope with two l... Read More »

What type of evidence is best examined by compound microscopes?

Certain types of trace evidence are best examined with a compound microscope. Examples of this include dirt, blood, plant or clothing fibers, and glass. A compound microscope produces a high magnif... Read More »

Who invented light microscopes?

Zaccharias Janssen and his son Hans are the inventors of the light microscope. They were eyeglass makers, and learned of the magnification properties of lenses. Their invention, around 1597, had co... Read More »