Who invented the common dust mop?

Answer Ancient Romans used mops to clean floors. However, the modern-day dust mop was inspired by an invention from Thomas Steward in 1893. It was designed with a lever so that users could release the dus... Read More »

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Who invented the dust mop?

African-American inventor Thomas Stewart invented the modern-day dust mop in 1893. Before his invention, people typically cleaned floors on their hands and knees. The invention of the mop was benef... Read More »

Who invented dust pans?

On August 3, 1897 L.P. Ray, an African-American inventor, patented the dust pan. The device had a metal plate to collect dust and trash, and connected to a short, wooden handle. Modern dust pans ar... Read More »

Who invented the broom&dust pan?

Makeshift homemade brooms were made before 1797 by tying hay, twigs, corn husks or straws to a stick. They did not have the tendency to endure long periods of time. A farmer from Massachusetts, Lev... Read More »

What year was the common light microscope invented?

The first light microscope was invented in by Dutch inventors Hans Janssen and his son, Zacharias about 1595. The tubular piece is thought to have magnified three to nine times normal size.Source:E... Read More »