Activities for the Color Yellow?

Answer Learning colors can be fun and exciting for children when you teach them through arts and crafts. If you are teaching preschoolers about the color yellow, for example, you can incorporate yellow in... Read More »

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How to Use the Color Yellow in Fashion?

Yellow is a popular fashion color, thanks in part to the natural warmth and energy that made it Pantone's Color of the Year in 2009. Because it's a bold color, yellow can seem like a tricky hue to ... Read More »

Who invented the yellow school bus?

The yellow school bus was invented in April 1939 by an education professor named Dr. Frank W. Cyr. The official name of the color is "national school bus chrome." Cyr chose the color because its re... Read More »

Crafts for the Color Yellow for Preschoolers?

One of the most important lessons children should learn in preschool is how to identify different colors. Yellow should be one of the easier colors for children to learn since there are no other co... Read More »

What color is made if you mix red&yellow?

Combined together, red and yellow make orange. Red and yellow are known as primary colors, a type of color that may not be produced by mixing any other colors together. The result of blending two... Read More »