Who invented the coffee machine?

Answer In 1818, a gentlemen by the name of Mr. Laurens was credited with the first invention of the coffee machine. This coffee maker was the first percolator type design. Many inventors, men and women a... Read More »

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Who invented the coffee filter machine?

George Bunn, founder of the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation, invented the first coffee filter machine in 1963. The machine was an electric, pour-over coffee brewer called the "Model X." Bunn also develope... Read More »

How to make coffee without coffee machine or coffee grind?

If you mean whole coffee beans then do this:Pound the roasted beans into a fine powder, or as fine as you can get them. Boil water.Put two tablespoons of the pulverized coffee into a coffee filter ... Read More »

How do I make really great coffee cheaply, without a coffee machine?

The most simple, best way to make coffee is with a french press. All you need is a way to boil water.If you don't want to buy a press, you can still make great coffee:Measure water into a stainless... Read More »

How do you remove coffee stains from coffee machine?

Mineral deposits from hard water as well as staining from the coffee oils and caffeine can be removed with a mixture of salt and lemon juice, as well as any limescale remover or degreasing cleaner ... Read More »