Who invented the clothes iron?

Answer Written records from the time indicate that the ancient Greeks used a device similar to a clothes iron as far back as 400 BC, reports Henry W. Seeley patented the first electric c... Read More »

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What african american invented the clothes iron?

Henry W. Seely developed his design for the electric flat iron in 1881. He filed for its patent in 1882, which the U.S. government issued in 1883. Seely developed another design with his business p... Read More »

How do I get gunk off my clothes iron?

Removing Waxy SubstancesClean waxy residue by heating the iron to its maximum heat setting and briskly rubbing newspaper over the hot plate. Use a hot mitt while rubbing the iron with newspaper to ... Read More »

How to Iron Clothes Quickly?

Ironing is often thought of as a time-consuming (and therefore dreaded) chore, but with a few helpful tricks it can prove to be a quick and enjoyable task. The best approach to have with ironing is... Read More »

How to Fix Wrinkled Clothes With No Iron?

Clothing irons can scorch and burn the most delicate fabrics. They're time-consuming to use and even more time-consuming to perfect the use of. Novices know how easy it is to iron wrinkles into clo... Read More »