Who invented the catcher's mask?

Answer Frederick Thayer invented and patented the first catcher's mask in the 1870s. Thayer received a patent for the mask in 1878. He developed the gear for a catcher after the 1876 baseball season at Ha... Read More »

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Who invented the gas mask?

The gas mask was invented and patented by Garrett Augustus Morgan in 1914. He was born in Paris, Kentucky, in 1877 to former slaves. During his life he successfully applied for several patents, inc... Read More »

When was the gas mask invented?

The gas mask was developed over many years. The first gas mask, which was a very primitive device, was created by the Bana Musa brothers of Iraq during the 9th century (800 A.D). The most significa... Read More »

Who invented the goalie mask?

Professional Canadian ice hockey goaltender Jacques Plante created, designed and began wearing a fiberglass goalie mask during professional practices because of a previous head injury. His coach, ... Read More »

Who invented the masquerade mask?

Masquerade masks have no definite inventor. All that is known is that they date back to the 15th century and appear to have originated in Italy. These masks were favored by royalty and the upper cr... Read More »