Who invented the cat door?

Answer Sir Isaac Newton, the founder of gravity, also invented the cat door. Pauline Dewberry of the Daily Mews states that Newton's cat was spoiling his attic experiments by pushing through the door and ... Read More »

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Who invented the pet door?

Sir Isaac Newton is usually credited with the invention of the pet door. Legend has it that while Newton was studying light and color prisms in his attic, his cat kept pushing the door open and rui... Read More »

Who invented the door knob?

While it is very hard to trace who first invented the door knob, the credit goes to Osbourn Dorsey. He put in the first patent for an improved door-closing device, which has been improved to what... Read More »

Who invented the door hinge?

Nobody knows who invented the door hinge. The first door hinges uncovered by archeologists are from the massive wooden doors of the gates to Hattusa, the ancient capitol of the Turkish Hittite Empi... Read More »

Who invented the door stop?

A 19th Century African American inventor named Osbourn Dorsey invented the door stop on December 10, 1878. Dorsey also invented a device to hold a door closed, this door holding device is known tod... Read More »