Who invented the cash register?

Answer James Ritty invented the cash register in 1879. He called it "Ritty's Incorruptible Cashier," and used it first in his saloon in Dayton, Ohio. Interestingly, this first model did not feature a cash... Read More »

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Who invented or patented the cash register?

According to the Museum of American Heritage, the cash register was invented by James Ritty. In 1879, this Dayton, Ohio saloon owner patented a machine that counted up his sales at the end of the d... Read More »

Which black American invented the cash register?

James Ritty, a white saloon owner, invented the first cash register in 1879. Ritty and his brother, a mechanic, invented a machine that recorded the number of sales and the amount of each one. Oti... Read More »

In what month& year was the first cash register invented by James Ritty?

The first cash register was invented by James Ritty shortly after the American Civil War. After developing a few failed prototypes, James Ritty was awarded the first cash register patient, issued o... Read More »

How to Balance Cash on a Cash Register?

In order to keep an accurate record of profits, as well as to prevent employee theft and identify individual error, business owners and managers generally expect cash registers to be balanced at th... Read More »