Who invented the butterfinger candy bar?

Answer The Butterfinger Candy Bar was invented by the Curtiss Candy Company in 1923. The Curtiss Candy Company was also responsible for inventing the Baby Ruth, another popular candy bar. The company pr... Read More »

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How did the Butterfinger candy bar get its name?

Nestle's crispy peanut butter confection, the Butterfinger bar, owes its trademark name to its fans. At its inception, the candy bar's original manufacturers sponsored a public contest to choose th... Read More »

When were Butterfinger candy bars first made?

Chicago's Curtiss Candy Company unveiled the Butterfinger candy bar in 1928, when it sponsored a contest for fans to choose the confection's name. Nestle acquired the rights to the crunchy peanut b... Read More »

Are Butterfinger candy bars made in China?

Although the first to manufacture the Butterfinger candy bar was the Curtiss Candy Company out of Chicago, Illinois, the original ingredients have since changed. They were lost. The new manufacture... Read More »

How to Make Homemade Butterfinger Candy Bars?

Is the price of Butterfinger bars in the store starting to rise in your area? Or is it that you'd like your bars a little higher sugared? Whatever your reason may be, here in this article; is the r... Read More »