Who invented the box spring mattress?

Answer In 1885, 2 years after inventing it, J.P. Leggett received the patent for "a device consisting of a single coil unit attached to a wood frame." His invention would become known as the box spring m... Read More »

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New mattress old box spring?

Yes. A box spring can wear out just like a mattress can. So placing a new mattress on a worn out boxspring can shorten the life of your new mattress.Plus you really don't save that much money by pu... Read More »

What is a spring air mattress?

On One Hand: Good Back SupportSpring Air is a brand of mattresses that provide good back support. Spring Air uses a patent pending carbon neutral, eco-friendly base that gives you superior center s... Read More »

What is a box-spring mattress set?

Traditionally, a bed is composed of a box spring, mattress and frame that supports the set and elevates it off the ground.Mattress SupportThe typical mattress has wire springs and coils inside. Whe... Read More »

Can I use a mattress without a box spring?

When purchasing a mattress, you are able to skip the box spring. Many mattresses now are thick enough that you do not need a box spring. Some people will purchase platform beds, which accommodate o... Read More »