Who invented the heating blanket?

Answer S.I. Russell is given credit as the inventor of the heating blanket, or electric blanket, in 1912. His idea was to warm up those who had tuberculosis and had to sleep outside. In 1926, a British co... Read More »

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Who invented the first electric blanket?

George C. Crowley receives credit as the inventor of the electric blanket. According to his obituary, the idea came while Crowley was assigned to the General Electric Company during a navy assignme... Read More »

When using a heating blanket can another blanket be used on top?

It is not safe to pile excess items on top of a heating blanket. Doing so could generate excessive heat, cause scorching and even ignite a fire. Be careful and always read the manufacturer's safety... Read More »

How Do I Attach Blanket Binding to a Hand-Knit Blanket?

Hand-knit blankets are especially warm and cozy and wonderful to give as gifts. They can be given to babies, children or adults as gifts for birthdays, showers or Christmas. Binding a hand-knit bla... Read More »

What is the difference warming blanket vs electric blanket?

Electric blanket and warming blanket are two different terms for the same item. In 1990, in the American Journal of Epidemiology published an article about an increased risk of brain tumors and chi... Read More »