Who invented the gait belt?

Answer According to the United States Patent Office, the gait assistance harness apparatus was filed in August 1993, published in March 1995 and invented by Dana M. Leach. It is published under US Patent ... Read More »

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Who invented the conveyor belt?

The Swedish company Sandvik developed the first conveyor belt that used a steel pulley and belt in 1901. Prior to this invention, hand-cranked belts were used in several industries. The mining indu... Read More »

Who invented the waist belt?

Though the natives of the bronze age ( 2000-1800 B.C.) wore belts long before legal documentation of its invention was ever in place, a patent was issued to to Roger Dorval of Canada on May 12, 198... Read More »

In what year was the waist belt invented?

While an exact year of invention is not known, waist belts have been recorded on clothing for both men and women since the Bronze Age beginning about 2,000 to 1,800 B.C. in Europe. Norse trousers--... Read More »

If my belt holds up my pants and my belt loops hold up my belt and my belt loops are held by my pants....?

your pants. they are the main object of it all. the belt goes on the pants. the lopps are on the the real hero is the pants