Who invented the beaker?

Answer It is not possible to credit one person with the creation of the beaker, because the idea of a vessel for holding liquid goes back to the start of humanity. The word beaker is traced to the mid 14t... Read More »

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Who plays Tracy Beaker on BBC TV?

How to Transfer the CO2 Gas From One Beaker to Another in a Lab?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an invisible, odorless gas. You can surprise chemistry students by transferring this gas from one beaker to another. It will look like you are not doing anything until you p... Read More »

Is Tracy beaker coming back?

If you're talking about the book a new one came out in February called Tracy Beaker's thumping heart, if you're talking about the T.V series yes in march they said that they were doing a new season... Read More »

Whats better Tracy beaker or takeshis castle?

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