Who invented the bazooka?

Answer A comedian and musician named Bob Burns invented the bazooka. He invented the bazooka in 1905 when he blew into a piece of a gas pipe. Burns copyrighted the word "bazooka" in 1920, and it was later... Read More »

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Who invented Bazooka gum?

Created in the late 1940s, Bazooka Bubble Gum was developed by Topps Company Inc., a producer of candy and gum products. Bazooka, along with the comic strips included with the gum, continues to be ... Read More »

Homemade Air Bazooka?

Commercial air bazookas, or "air blasters," hit the toy scene in the early 2000s. These air bazookas function by blasting a ball of air out of a large plastic cone via the rapid compression of a ru... Read More »

Who created the bazooka?

Musician Bob Burns created a unique instrument out of gas fittings and a whiskey funnel, which he named the "bazooka." The term also applies to hand-held rocket launchers, a concept pioneered by sc... Read More »

Bazooka gum remember?

Wow, that brings back memories... God old Bazooka gum... Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's still sold in the U.S. Go ahead and order a box if you miss it that much. Can't cost TOO much...