Who invented the bazooka?

Answer A comedian and musician named Bob Burns invented the bazooka. He invented the bazooka in 1905 when he blew into a piece of a gas pipe. Burns copyrighted the word "bazooka" in 1920, and it was later... Read More »

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Who invented Bazooka gum?

Created in the late 1940s, Bazooka Bubble Gum was developed by Topps Company Inc., a producer of candy and gum products. Bazooka, along with the comic strips included with the gum, continues to be ... Read More »

Who developed the bazooka?

After the First World War, the United States had several effective anti-tank weapons, but none were easily carried. Colonel Leslie Skinner began research into creating a mobile hand-held anti-tank ... Read More »

What Was Bazooka Joe's Real Name?

Bazooka Joe was created in 1947 by Arthur Shorin. The original gum product, made by the Topps Company, featured cartoons on the wrapper that starred Bazooka Joe, which was his real name. Bazooka Jo... Read More »

Homemade Air Bazooka?

Commercial air bazookas, or "air blasters," hit the toy scene in the early 2000s. These air bazookas function by blasting a ball of air out of a large plastic cone via the rapid compression of a ru... Read More »