Who invented the bass drum pedal?

Answer Theobald and William Ludwig Sr. invented the bass drum pedal in 1909. The pedal helped the brothers, who were both drummers themselves, launch a successful drum company, Ludwig & Ludwig Drum Co.Sou... Read More »

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Who invented the double bass drum pedal?

Australian drummer and inventor Don Sleishman designed the first double bass drum pedal in 1972. Upon its conception, the double bass drum pedal was not well received by the drumming community, as ... Read More »

Parts of a Bass Drum Pedal?

The bass drum pedal was created by William F. Ludwig, percussion innovator and namesake of Ludwig-Musser drum company, in 1909 and set the course for the eventual incorporation of modern drum kits.... Read More »

Can you use a guitar hero world tour drum pedal&rock band 2 drum pedal together?

According to the compatibility list on on the Rock Band website, the drums can be used interchangeably between the two games. With the release of the similar games from the two companies, compatib... Read More »

Who invented the double bass pedal?

Don Sleishman invented the double bass pedal in 1968. Sleishman's drummer friend Evan Biddle had difficulty playing due to an undeveloped left arm. In response to his friend's disability, Sleishma... Read More »