Who invented the bank safe?

Answer The development of cast iron safes in the 18th century, allowed banks to keep their deposits secure. It was the work of Linus Yale, Jr., who developed the combination lock, that allowed the modern ... Read More »

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Are bank transfers safe?

On One Hand: Streamlined ProcessBanks-to-bank transfers are sent through electronic, encrypted messages using a secure system. Since both banks are governed by strict rules and procedures for handl... Read More »

Is citizens bank safe?

On One Hand: Many Negative ReviewsMany people have complaints about Citizens Bank. A look through will reveal an extensive number of customer complaints indicating that this bank charg... Read More »

Can you put guns in a safe deposit box at the bank?

There are no state laws governing what can be placed in a safe deposit box. Individual banks, however, may have rules against guns being stored. Many banks have security systems that can monitor if... Read More »

How safe is my money in a bank account or a CD?

On One Hand: Money is Safe in Both Bank Accounts and CDsBank accounts and CDs are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 per account. If you and your spouse are co-owners, you each have coverage for $2... Read More »