Who invented the banjo?

Answer The origin of the banjo is obscure, but similar instruments have been played in Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East since ancient times. It was introduced to the Americas by African slaves, a... Read More »

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How to Buy Your First Banjo?

African American slaves brought their music with them, and 1 of their instruments was the Banjar. The Banjar was made of a gourd with a neck and strings. Today, banjos are made from a drum with a n... Read More »

How to Play Air Banjo?

Playing the air banjo is a fun thing to do at social events or just by yourself. A good routine can impress friends or lighten up the mood wherever you may be. The art of air banjo is trickier than... Read More »

How to Choose a Banjo?

Banjo player from FlickrEveryone is a beginner at some point so don't get frustrated with your banjo at first. To make it more fun, it should be the right one though. This will help you find the be... Read More »

How to Build a Banjo Uke?

Building your own banjo uke can be fairly simple if you choose ready made parts and have a basic ability for wood crafting. A tunable hand drum and a soprano uke neck make an excellent combination ... Read More »