Who invented the automobile ?

Answer Because there are different kinds of automobiles, such as steam, electric and gasoline, people have different opinions about who invented the first true automobile. According to The Library of Cong... Read More »

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Who invented the automobile radiator?

Karl Friedrich Benz, a German who lived from 1844 to1929, is said to have invented the automobile radiator. He also invented the first car that was gas-powered by an internal combustion engine.Sour... Read More »

Who invented the buick automobile?

David Dunbar Buick formed the Buick Manufacturing Company in 1902 and produced the first car that carried his name in 1903. He lost control of the company before it became part of General Motors.So... Read More »

Who invented the automobile radio?

Paul Galvin and the Galvin Manufacturing Corp. introduced the first mass-produced car radio in 1930. The radio's battery drew power from the car. It sold for $110 and could be custom fit to most po... Read More »

Who invented the first automobile air conditioner?

Willis Haviland Carrier, a mechanical engineer, invented air conditioning in 1902. Packard Motor Company was the first to offer air conditioning in an automobile in 1939. It was an optional feature... Read More »