Who invented the apple fritter?

Answer There is some dispute over who first invented the apple fritter. Both Winchell's and Tim Hortons claim to have invented the apple fritter in 1964. However, C. Anne Wilson's "Food and Drink in Brita... Read More »

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How many calories are in a safeway apple fritter?

There are about 245 calories in a safeway apple fritter.

How to Make a Cheese Fritter?

Cheese fritters are a lovely, mouth watering tasty treat which you can make as starters for a meal, snacks or a side to a main meal.

How many calories does a potato fritter have?

The calories depend upon the size and preparation of the 'fritter.'

Who invented the Apple PDA?

The Newton, invented by Apple Computers, was the first Apple personal digital assistant (PDA). Sharp manufactured the Newton, and it was first available in August 1993. The original price was $699.... Read More »