Who invented the alternating current transformer in 1885?

Answer Nikola Tesla invented alternating current in the 1880s. Unable to interest anyone in Europe with his invention, Tesla moved to the United States and worked under Thomas Edison. He invented in 1891 ... Read More »

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What is alternating&direct current?

When using electronics, you'll often hear or read about alternating current and direct current (abbreviated AC and DC). Sometimes, for example, you'll have to use an AC adapter for certain types of... Read More »

What happens when 240 volt equipment is plugged into a 120 volt source or if 110-120 volt equipment is plugged into a 60 volt source assuming all alternating current?

Assuming all alternating current and all at the same or similar frequency (say, 50-60Hz), nothing much will happen on a device using a linear transformer. A linear transformer (one that is made of ... Read More »

How to Create Alternating Screensavers?

Screensavers are a way of protecting your computer monitor's resolution and color display while not in active use. They can be graphics or animations. Screensavers are often preset by the manufactu... Read More »

Alternating Proprietorship Agreement?

Alternating proprietorship agreements help owners produce wine at a bonded winery. With an alternating proprietorship agreement, wineries that are bonded and licensed are able to share space and to... Read More »