Who invented the alphabet blocks?

Answer Although it is not known for certain who invented alphabet blocks, it is probable that they were developed in 17th-century England. In a 1693 treatise on education, philosopher John Locke stated th... Read More »

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How to Make Alphabet Blocks?

Blocks are staples of children's toys. Alphabet blocks help kids learn their to recognize letters while also playing. Make your own alphabet blocks for kids to stack and play with. These are simple... Read More »

Who invented LEGO blocks?

LEGO blocks were invented by Ole Kirk Christiansen's company, LEGO, which began producing interlocking plastic blocks in 1949. Prior to producing LEGO blocks, the company produced wooden blocks and... Read More »

Who invented starting blocks?

Milton "Nick" Newton developed the style of starting blocks used by most high schools, colleges and professionals. Partly because of that, Newton, the grandfather of baseball player Coco Crisp, was... Read More »

In what country were lego blocks invented?

Ole Kirk Christiansen invented the first Lego blocks in 1932 in Denmark. Christiansen took the name "Lego" from the Danish words "leg godt," which means "play well." The inventor was unaware that t... Read More »