Who invented the air conditioning unit that was patented on July 12, 1949?

Answer Frederick McKinley Jones invented the first refrigerated truck unit, which was patented on July 12, 1949. This system is also used for the transportation of perishable foods on railway cars and shi... Read More »

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Who invented&patented the cd?

James T. Russell, a physicist and inventor, developed the first compact disc in the late 1960s. While working as senior scientist at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory of the Batelle Memorial Instit... Read More »

Who invented or patented the phonograph?

The phonograph was invented by the American scientist and businessman Thomas Edison in 1877. He applied for a patent for it on December 24, 1877, and was awarded one a few months later. A similar d... Read More »

Who invented& patented Smart cards?

The patent for the Smart card was filed June 4th, 1998, by three inventors named Man-gon Song, Si-han Kim and Seung-bae Lee. The patent was confirmed and published on April 18th, 2000.Source:FreePa... Read More »

Who invented or patented the compression ice machine?

Thaddeus Sobieski Constantine Lowe invented and patented several ice making machines, including his "Compression Ice Machine" in 1865. Lowe, who was born Aug. 20, 1832 in New Hampshire, was a scien... Read More »