Who invented the Wi-fi router& when?

Answer In 1970, Dr. Norman Abramson created a working system to network computers using radio waves to transmit data. The system used packet switching technology, which is the foundation of modern interne... Read More »

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Why do I need to port forward through my router when I'm not inherently using a router?

The ethernet cable in the wall is connected to a router. Whether it is in you room or not is relevant, it's connected to a router somewhere.To do port forwarding, you would need to set it up on tha... Read More »

When I connect ethernet cables to my router, it seems to prevent the router from working Why is this?

This problem is caused by excessive electrical interference from one (or more) of the devices you are connecting to the routers. When the Ethernet cables are unplugged, the router can work properly... Read More »

Can i turn off my router when i am not using my computer and when i put it back on will it work again?

Yes you can turn it off and it will just work when it is turned on.

Netgear N900 Wireless Router vs Linksys Router EA4500 vs Linksys Router?

It's all about location and power. For that big of a house no home wifi will have the power to saturate this big of a house. You will need a commercial wifi router with more power and even then ins... Read More »