Who invented the water truck?

Answer On December 14, 1886, the United States Patent Office issued Letter Patent No. 354,515 with Serial No. 204,868 to David Murray of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for his invention he called Street-Sprinkler.... Read More »

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Who invented water skis?

Ralph Samuelson,18, is credited as the inventor of water skis in June 1922. His successful use of the invention occurred on Lake Pepin in Minnesota on July 2, 1922, while being towed by his brother... Read More »

Who invented the water thermometer?

Galileo Galilei is credited with being the inventor of the water thermometer during the 16th Century. In 1593, Galilei took the basic thermoscope and discovered that if he used a liquid lense dense... Read More »

Who invented the water trap?

While the first toilets date to 16th-century England, the first water trap did not appear until 1775 when Alexander Cummings designed an S-shaped water trap. Thomas Crapper is often credited with p... Read More »

Who invented the water bottle?

Water bottles can be traced back to 10,000 B.C. when early man transported water to and from dwellings in primitive vessels and animal skins. The Egyptians, in 1450 B.C., then transported water in ... Read More »