Who invented the Transformers toys?

Answer Takara Tomy (Japan), formerly called Takara Company Ltd. or Takara, invented Transformers toys as part of a partnership with Hasbro. The invention started with two original sets of Takara character... Read More »

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Who invented Tinker Toys?

Charles Pajeau, a stonemason from Evanston, Illinois, and the founder of the Toy Tinkers Company created the Tinkertoy in 1914. Pajeau’s idea came from watching children play with empty spools of... Read More »

What year were tinker toys invented?

The Tinkertoy Construction Set was invented in 1914 by an Evanston, Illinois, stonemason named Charles Pajeau. Playskool purchased Tinkertoys from Child Guidance in 1985 and redesigned the product ... Read More »

Do step up transformers need more power than step down transformers?

Step-up transformers draw exactly the same amount of power, or watts, from the primary power source as do step-down transformers when doing the same work. While a step-up transformer steps-up the v... Read More »

Who is megatron in transformers?

Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons, evil robots from the planet Cybertron from the "Transformers" cartoon, movies and toys. There are several versions of Megatron which exist in alternate re... Read More »