Who invented the Stanley steamer?

Answer Twin brothers Francis Edgar Stanley and Freelan Oscar Stanley invented the first steam-driven automobiles. The brothers invented the steam cars in 1897 and began selling them until 1902. Francis an... Read More »

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When were the Stanley Steamer brothers born?

Twin brothers Francis Edgar and Freelan Oscar Stanley were born June 1, 1849, in Kingfield, Maine. The brothers invented the steam-powered automobile in 1897. They founded the Stanley Motor Carriag... Read More »

How much does Stanley Steamer charge for cleaning a couch?

Stanley Steemer cleans a wide range of household textiles, such as curtains, carpet and upholstered furniture. Stanley Steemer's standard price for cleaning a sofa or couch is $89, depending on var... Read More »

What does the average Stanley Steamer person make in a week?

According to The PayScale Report as of May 2010, the median hourly rate for a steamcleaner from Stanley Steemer is $8.50. Multiplying that by 40 hours gives a weekly wage of $340. In terms of exper... Read More »

Jiffy Steamer J-2 Vs. Jiffy Steamer J-2000?

The Jiffy Steamer J-2 and Jiffy Steamer J-2000 remove wrinkles from shirts, blouses, dresses and slacks. Both of these models feature wheeled bases, which make it easier to transport the personal s... Read More »