Who invented the Slim-Fast diet?

Answer American businessman S. Daniel Abraham founded the Slim-Fast diet shake outfit in 1977. He owned the Thompson Medical Co. at the time. The company was privately-owned until 2000 when it was sold to... Read More »

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How to Stay Slim After a Diet?

Have you lost all of that weight to find it's coming back? I have just the article for you.

What is the Slim System diet?

The Slim System is a weight-loss pill made from natural ingredients, and is designed to suppress you appetite and increase your metabolism.IngredientsThe ingredients in Slim System pills include vi... Read More »

Can you use slim fast while nursing?

Does slim fast work well?

I don't know if slim fast does work, but if you want to lose 40 pounds, it'll take time. Losing too much results in gaining it back just as fast. If you look through tumblr, there are a lot of tips... Read More »