Who invented the Nerf ball?

Answer According to "Sports Illustrated," Reynolds Guyer invented the Nerf ball in 1969, while trying to create a caveman game with foam rocks. He started throwing the rocks, which he then carved into a b... Read More »

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When was the first Nerf ball invented?

The original Nerf ball was invented and presented to Parker Brothers in 1969. Parker Brothers began selling the ball in 1970, marketing it as a ball that wouldn't anger parents or break furniture w... Read More »

Who created the Nerf ball?

Reynolds Guyer invented the Nerf ball in 1969. Guyer was also the creator of the Twister board game. Guyer wanted to invent a way that children could play ball indoors without fear of breaking anyt... Read More »

Who invented the Nerf football?

Reyn Guyer invented a round polyurethane foam ball called Nerf, which was released in 1970 by Parker Brothers as the first ball for indoor play. In 1972 the Nerf football was introduced.References:... Read More »

Who invented the rubber ball?

The man that is credited with the invention of the first rubber ball is Coburn Haskell. Coburn was a golfer in Cleveland and, with the help of the B. F. Goodrich Company, produced the rubber ball.... Read More »