Who invented the MasterCard?

Answer The MasterCard's roots begin in 1966 when a group of banks created a member-owned association (the Interbank Card Association) that set out to create a global payments network. This association de... Read More »

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When was the first MasterCard sent out?

The first MasterCard credit cards were sent to customers in 1979. Prior to 1979, all the company's cards were called Master Charge. The change was made to reflect international growth.Source:Master... Read More »

What is mastercard?

While your credit card may have a MasterCard logo, the company does not actually lend any money. MasterCard acts more like a conduit that allows transactions to happen.MisconceptionsMastercard, alo... Read More »

How to Test a MasterCard?

Before you accept MasterCard payments in your store or online, test a MasterCard to make sure that you can properly process payments for the corporation. MasterCard is an international corporation ... Read More »

What is a MasterCard number?

A MasterCard number is the number on an individual's MasterCard credit card. It is usually four sets of four numbers. All MasterCard numbers are embossed and start with the numeral "5."Source:Maste... Read More »