Who invented the MP3 player for Apple?

Answer Tony Fadell was the innovator who brought the MP3 idea to Apple with the development of the IPod in 2001. Kane Kramer is believed to be the person who invented the IPod in 1981 when he patented a s... Read More »

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Is Apple iPod an mp3 player?

Answer to Apple iPod being an mp3 player Yes an Apple iPod is an mp3 player. The reason why it is an mp3 player is because it plays music on it and it is a hand-held devise.I don't know if this is ... Read More »

Suggestion for buying a non-Apple MP3 player?

Archos's "Vision" series - most models are around $25 - $50 they have good sound quality and well built. The down side is the biggest capacity is 8gb.Sansa Fuze / Fuze+ (older and newer model) - pl... Read More »

Who invented the apple I?

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stephen Gary Wozniak created the Apple I computer in 1976, working out of Steve Jobs' family garage. As the marketing force, Wozniak sold his... Read More »

Who invented the Apple PDA?

The Newton, invented by Apple Computers, was the first Apple personal digital assistant (PDA). Sharp manufactured the Newton, and it was first available in August 1993. The original price was $699.... Read More »