Who invented the Internet and why is it so important to us now a days?

Answer I'm not sure who invented it, but Al Gore would tell you he did...The internet is important to me because it is one of the main ways I stay in touch with my friends and family who aren't local. It'... Read More »

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I have 5gb left for 10 days. Will my usual internet usage last for 10 more days?

Call of Duty uses barely and data (about 10mb/hr) and facebook isn't much more. Youtube and skype on the other hand, use maybe 10-20 times as much data as call of duty. Think somewhere along the li... Read More »

I just got an adsl internet and internet is running slow, should i wait few days or i should call my isp?

No you should not wait as the problem is likely to persist call you ISP and ask them what is going on maybe they can give you a clear answer as it is their responsibility to know.

Why did 500MB of internet last nearly a week on my internet dongle, yet 1 GB only lasted two days?

Every site you visit is a download. Sites with many images are VERY large downloads. Any site with Flash content or similar are CONTINUOUS downloads. So are games sites. This includes any site with... Read More »

What do you think is the #1 message that is important to instill in young women’s minds these days?

This seems like a silly question for you to ask considering that you are not going into a career that generally supports values and morals. High fashion is not about conveying positive messages it ... Read More »