Who invented the IBM compatible computer?

Answer The first computer built that was compatible with the IBM computers and software was the "Compaq Portable," also known as a PC clone. It was invented by the Compaq Computer Corporation, including R... Read More »

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We bought a HP computer it came without a printer...will any brand be compatible with the computer?

Printer compatibility with computers has nothing to do with the brand. If Your HP computer is running Windows XP or Vista, and the printer you purchase claims it is compatible with either of these ... Read More »

Are my computer parts compatible?

Are my computer components compatible?

yes there are compatible with every latest game is release in the feature....but you can use intel core i5 processor instead of amd.....and gigabyte moatherboard instead of asus in much cheaper and... Read More »

Is this RAM compatible with my computer?

Mooga is right and one other factor that you overlooked was your computer currently has 4 memory slots all currently filled/occupied: 2 with 1GB modules and 2 with 512MB modules equals 3GB total.If... Read More »