Who invented the Holga camera?

Answer T. M. Lee invented the Holga camera in 1982. His intent was to make photography available to China's working class. Although no longer popular in China, the camera and its distinctive photos have b... Read More »

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What is the difference between a Diana camera and Holga camera?

If we are talking about your basic Holga or Diana, both cameras use 120 film.I have a comparison of the DIana+ and Holga on my website: Diana F+ has a flash, so... Read More »

Which Holga camera model is the best to get?

Get the medium format CFN. You can shoot 120 film with it and you can adapt it to shoot 35 mm with either an adapter like so… or a DIY adapting like so ht... Read More »

Where can I find accessories for my holga camera?

Problems with a Holga 120FN camera?

If the negatives are clear, then the film is underexposed. If the negatives are completely opaque, then the film was prematurely exposed to room light before processing.If the flash never went off,... Read More »