Who invented the high chair?

Answer The exact date that the high chair was invented may not be easily determined. According to The Federal Reporter, Joseph W. Kenna was granted a patent for a child's high chair and carriage on Feb. 2... Read More »

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Who invented high heel boots?

No one knows who invented high heeled boots, as evidence of high heeled shoes dates back to 4000 B.C. in Egypt. Heels became popular in Europe when short monarchs wore them to appear taller and mor... Read More »

Who invented high speed Internet?

Greenville in Texas is credited for coming up with high speed internet. It was the first to deploy a network that had download speeds that averaged 8 MB per second back in 2001.Source:Geus: High Sp... Read More »

Who invented high-heel shoes?

It's not clear who invented high-heeled shoes, but they have been around for a long time. High heels are visible on men and women in Egyptian murals dating back to about 3,500 BCE and were commonly... Read More »

Who invented high-heel boots?

The specific inventor of high-heeled boots is not known. Some sources credit Leonardo da Vinci with inventing the high heel. Originally, high-heeled boots developed in the early 1500s as a way to k... Read More »