Who invented the Haag-Streit 904 hand-held slit lamp?

Answer According to a representative at the Haag-Streit company, the 904 hand-held slit lamp was invented by one of Haag-Streit's scientists in the company's development laboratory. The device is one of s... Read More »

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Who invented the handheld slit lamp?

Victor J. Doherty invented the hand-held slit lamp. The patent was issued in 1997. The hand-held slit lamp helps ophthalmologists examine patients' eyes by illuminating different areas of the pupil... Read More »

Who invented the hand-held TV?

The MTV-1 by Sinclair Electronics is considered the first portable, hand-held television. The unit was designed by Sinclair's founder, British inventor and entrepreneur Clive Sinclair. Released in... Read More »

Slit Lamp Examinations...?

When you go to the eye doctor, and you say that this or that is the problem such as loss of vision, pain, can't see close up, or far away, or to the sides or a combination of symptoms.The 'doctor' ... Read More »

What does a slit-lamp exam check?

During a slit-lamp exam, an optometrist or ophthalmologist checks all of the parts of your eyes, including the iris, cornea, pupil, eyelids and the lining around your eyeball. The doctor looks for ... Read More »