Who invented the 8-track player?

Answer William Powell Lear is credited with the invention of the 8-track. In 1946, he began work on several wire-based recording devices before abandoning the project until 1965, when he reappeared with t... Read More »

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Who invented the eight track player?

William Powell Lear invented the 8-track player in 1963, according to Tech Target. Lear created the tape deck for use in planes produced by his company: Learjet. The 8-track did not reach the gener... Read More »

What year was the 8 track record player&graphophone invented?

Alexander Graham Bell's Volta Laboratory received a patent for the graphophone, an evolution of the phonograph and a predecessor to the gramophone, in 1886. Emile Berliner produced the first practi... Read More »

How to Play a 4 Track Cartridge on an 8 Track Player?

One of the main differences between 4-track cartridges and 8-track cartridges is that the pinch roller (the wheel used to help move the tape) is located inside the 8-track cartridge - but, inside t... Read More »

When was the eight track invented?

The eight-track tape was invented in the early 1960s by William Powell Lear. Eight-track tape players were used in cars, starting with Fords, and homes through the 1970s. Eight-track tapes were eve... Read More »