Who invented text messaging on cell phones?

Answer Neil Papworth invented the text message at age 22. In December 1992, he sent the message "Merry Christmas" to his friend over the Vodafone network. The system became known as SMS, or Short Messagin... Read More »

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When did text messaging on cell phones become mainstream?

Although the first text message was sent in 1992, U.S. cell phone service providers began allowing the exchange of text messages between networks in 2001. Cell phone text messaging has increased in... Read More »

Do you think they should ban text messaging and talking on the cell phones in all states?

I'm NEUTRAL concerning anything having to do with the imperfect governments of this (the U.S.A) or any other imperfect government belonging to this present world (John 17:14-16).Whether "they" ban ... Read More »

Text messaging on cell phone?

No, it wouldn't be taken out of your normal minutes. Text messaging and minutes are two separate features. And yes, both sent and received messages count towards your total messages. The only aroun... Read More »

Cell phone and Text messaging?

well sometimes phone will just do that my phone has been doing that too so Much i guess that u can call ur service provider and see maybe there having trouble wit the network or something xD