When were ob tampons invented?

Answer The German gynecologist Dr. Judith Esser Mittag invented the digital-style, or applicator-less, o.b. tampon during the 1940s. The initials o.b. stand for "ohne binde" which means "nonbinding" in Ge... Read More »

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When were o.b. tampons invented?

o.b. tampons were invented in the 1940s by a German gynecologist named Dr. Judith Esser Mittag. They were the first tampons to be developed that did not have an applicator.Source:Cal Poly Pomona: J... Read More »

Are tampons bad?

yes they're really bad!! tht's why they sell them everywhere to everyone.. No..., dont worry sweetheart they are perfectly fine. you just cant leave them in for longer thn like 8 hours but I think ... Read More »

Is it bad to use tampons at the age of 12?

No, it's fine. Just be sure to use the slim fits. The link below will give you more info. :)

Do you use tampons or pads?