Who invented taco salads?

Answer The taco salad is a modern day adaptation of the traditional Tex-Mex dish. Taco salad recipes first appeared in American cookbooks and magazines in the 1960s. The first traceable recipe for taco sa... Read More »

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Where were taco salads first made?

The origin of the first taco salad is unknown. According to Jean Anderson's American Century Cookbook, these salads became prevalent during the 1960s when Tex-Mex cuisine was gaining popularity in ... Read More »

Mc donalds, burger king, taco bell, wendys, jack in the box, del taco?

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What is the new taco salad called at Taco Bell?

The three taco salads currently listed on the Taco Bell menu are; the chicken ranch taco salad, the fiesta taco salad and the chipotle taco salad. Each of these comes in a "fully loaded" version wi... Read More »