Who invented synthetic oil?

Answer The Germans invented synthetic fuel oil and lubricants during WWII in an attempt to replace supplies of natural oil that had been cut off by the war. By 1940, Allied forces were targeting syntheti... Read More »

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Who invented synthetic hair?

One of the earliest uses of synthetic hair came from the ancient Egyptians. Men and women intentionally shaved their heads to lessen the risk of lice infection and wore wigs based on their social s... Read More »

Who invented synthetic motor oil?

Amsoil Inc. is credited as the inventor of synthetic motor oil. According to Dave Mann, a lubrication specialist at the company, this explains why Amsoil "has been authorized to register and use '... Read More »

When were the first commercially viable synthetic fibers invented?

Although experimental organic fibers existed as early as 1913, the first commercially viable synthetics were invented during the 1930s and 1940s.

Synthetic Vs. Synthetic Blend Motor Oil?

Synthetic motor oil and synthetic blend motor oil are two different types of motor oil. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it pays to research which will best suit your automobile.