Who invented speed bumps?

Answer Arthur Holly Compton, a former Washington University Chancellor, is credited as the creator of the very first speed bump. After observing speeding motorists, Compton took it upon himself to design... Read More »

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Are you the reason why speed bumps were invented?

LoL. I am the reason that they invented the radar and laser guns too.

How can we get speed bumps on my street?

A speed bump, or hump as they are called in the UK, is a raised portion in the road either made as part of the road, or is a piece of plastic or rubber installed into the road at a later date. Resi... Read More »

Do Speed Bumps Mess Up Cars?

Speed bumps are also known as sleeping policemen and are a method of slowing down traffic. They can cause a variety of damage to low-ground-clearance vehicles such as sports models, even at slow sp... Read More »

Do Speed Bumps Affect a Car Alignment?

Sad fact of life: ask a simple question of a chassis engineer, and you're almost sure to get a 20-minute answer that still doesn't tell you what you wanted to know. But don't blame the engineer. Th... Read More »