Who invented speed bumps?

Answer Arthur Holly Compton, a former Washington University Chancellor, is credited as the creator of the very first speed bump. After observing speeding motorists, Compton took it upon himself to design... Read More »

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Are you the reason why speed bumps were invented?

LoL. I am the reason that they invented the radar and laser guns too.

How can we get speed bumps on my street?

A speed bump, or hump as they are called in the UK, is a raised portion in the road either made as part of the road, or is a piece of plastic or rubber installed into the road at a later date. Resi... Read More »

What's your opinion of speed bumps?

They're fun to hit going really fast and try to get some air under the vehicle, but everyone here has started goin to multiple tiny speed bumps so they don't mess up your

Who is resposible for speed bumps in glasgow?

Speed bumps are used to slow down traffic but annoy many motorists. The Glasgow City Council is responsible for the speed bumps in Glasgow and has heard complaints from many citizens about them.Sou... Read More »