Who invented the softball glove?

Answer Softball gloves directly descended from baseball gloves. Doug Allison may have been the first baseball player to use a glove in 1870. A few years later, Albert Spalding popularized the glove. It is... Read More »

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When was the first softball bat invented?

George Hancock invented the first softball bat in 1887. Hancock is considered the inventor of softball, and it was he that made the first over-sized ball and under-sized rubber tipped bat. He paint... Read More »

Who invented the ball used in softball?

George Hancock created the ball used in softball. On Thanksgiving Day in 1887 in Chicago, Hancock tied a boxing glove to resemble a ball. He later made the ball into what we know now: a larger-siz... Read More »

How to Make Softball Bracelets Out of Softball Threads?

Bracelets made out of the laces of softballs are a great fashion accessory. Not only can you wear them as a bracelet, but many people choose to sport them around their ankles as well. While sports ... Read More »

How to Bat a Softball?

Batting takes a lot of patience and practice. By concentrating on these following steps, you will soon be able to hit pop-fly out of the park!