Who invented soapstone carvings?

Answer There is no single inventor of soapstone carving. In fact, soapstone carving has been practiced by people and cultures worldwide. Some of the earliest known soapstone carvings were made by the anci... Read More »

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How do I care for wood carvings?

Remove DustRemove dust from the wood carvings by dusting with a clean cloth each week. Reach into deep crevices within the wood carvings with an old toothbrush to remove dust.Use Mineral OilPour a ... Read More »

Instructions for Fruit Carvings?

Fruit carving probably originated in Thailand, where it's still a popular activity. The art of fruit carving has spread around the world. Many companies offer carvings for special occasions, but th... Read More »

Traditional Alaskan Billiken Carvings?

Alaskan gift shops and Inuit tribes have been claiming the native tradition of Billiken carvings for decades, but the figure was actually first created by a female teacher from Kansas City in 1908.

Best way to repair scratches/carvings on plastic?

if its bakerlight plastic then fill with epoxy and sand smooth .If its polyproplean or PVC ,, then live with it