Who invented snowshoes?

Answer Snowshoes have been around since prehistoric times. The earliest snowshoes ever found were on the "Iceman" who died in the Alps some 5,300 years ago. The snowshoes were made from a bent hazelwood p... Read More »

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DIY Snowshoes?

Winter is a difficult time to be lost in the wilderness. Cold temperatures, short periods of daylight and deep snow that makes travel difficult are all challenges that must be overcome. But if you ... Read More »

How to Make Snowshoes and Use Them?

In deep snow, snowshoes are a must. Using snowshoes is an art and their use can only be mastered through experience. Basic skills for acquisition and use will be discussed bellow.

How to Choose Snowshoes?

Snowshoeing is an increasingly popular sport because it enables you to get out into the snow, enjoy long trails through forests and across frozen lakes, all without having to master skiing, snowboa... Read More »

How to Strap on Snowshoes?

Snowshoeing offers an easy, family-friendly way to stay active in the winter. Snowshoes give you far more traction and balance than ordinary shoes or boots and allow you to walk through deep, fresh... Read More »