Who invented slope in math?

Answer Rene Descartes created the formula for finding the slope of a line in the early 1600s, using slope-intercept to make a grid.SourceOpen Directory

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How to Find Slope in Math?

In math, the concept of "slope" expresses how steeply a line slants. In other words, slope represents the change in the vertical element (the y-variable) in relation to the change in the horizontal... Read More »

Math Slope Problems?

The term "slope" refers to the steepness and direction of the line of the graph of a linear equation and is represented by the letter m. Students in Algebra 1 must understand the concept of slope o... Read More »

How to Find the Slope for Eighth Grade Math?

Math is full of equations, memorization, integers, graphs and formulas, including finding the slope of a line. Figuring out the slope with an equation will tell you how steep a line is between two ... Read More »

How to Do Slope & Slope-Intercept Forms?

The algebraic formula y = mx + b represents a linear equation because you can use it to create a line on a graph. The formula tells several pieces of information, including the y-intercept, which i... Read More »