Who invented shopping bags?

Answer The plastic version of the shopping bag was invented in the 1960s by Sten Gustaf Thulin. Thulin's idea was patented in 1965 by a European company called Celloplast. The patent was overturned in 19... Read More »

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Who invented plastic shopping bags?

Sten Gustaf Thulin was a Swedish engineer who invented the plastic shopping bag. His idea was to take a flat plastic tube and make it into bags through a process of folding, welding and die-cutting... Read More »

How to Reuse Shopping Bags?

In the interest of preserving the environment, many people are choosing to shop with their own durable and reusable shopping bags. This cuts down on the need for plastic or paper bags when they che... Read More »

Should we use plastic for shopping bags?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsWhen compared to paper bags, the ones made of plastic can be viewed as beneficial in saving forest lands, using less energy to transport because of their lighter wei... Read More »

How to Make Fabric Shopping Bags?

Take your own shopping bag to the supermarket or mall to reduce waste. Canvas bags are great, but they are heavy. Bags made from recycled plastic bottles come in an array of colors, but they don't ... Read More »